Brickstix Reusable Stickers


OK, we’ll come right out and say it; we love playing with tiny plastic bricks! That’s how the story of BrickStix® began, but it certianly didn’t end there. The Founder and kid inventor, Greyson MacLean, wanted to tell a bigger story with his bricks. What if every single brick could do something grander? What if they could be reimagined to tell stories? Well, they can, and BrickStix® has the answer. BrickStix® makes the only reusable stickers specifically designed for brick-play. They are the Regent of Restickability, the Baron of Brick-Play, The Grand Poobah of Stix and the one all the kids continually reach for.


BrickStix® reusable stickers are repositionable and crafted without the residue a
normal sticker leaves behind. BrickStix® uses a special adhesive and an out-of-this world technology to deliver reusable Stix that last and dont tear, wrinkle, or ruin bricks. BrickStix® makes tiny pieces of awesomeness designed to customise LEGO® and MEGA BLOKS® and other plastic bricks. Don’t even get them started on the awesome themes they’ve developed. At this very moment the BrickStix® creative team is dreaming up new and exciting ways to blow children’s (and adults!) minds and create new play-spheres. They’ve taken painstaking steps to ensure our company remains at the cutting edge of play. BrickStix® is constantly evolving and continually growing it’s product line.
Their goal is to put BrickStix® wherever there are bricks.

Product Features:

-Reusable stickers to customise your building bricks

-No residue or loss of stickiness -

-For ages 5+

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