HALFTOYS - Baby Dino Bakers Dozen Pk

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    HALFTOYS - BABY Dinosaurs Bakers Dozen Pack

    Contains 2 of each Animal friends - Baby Tricera / Baby T-Rex / Baby Diplo / Baby Ankylo /  Baby Stego / Baby Para  PLUS: 1 randomly selected FREE!  & a FREE In-Store Display Model.

    HALFTOYS are Collectible and Educational

    HALFTOYS are open-ended sensory toys that both adults and kids absolute LOVE! 

    It's a fun way to introduce animal bones to children while serving as a tactile desktop toy for those who are kids at heart.

    HALFTOY BABY:  Half-Baby Dino World

    HALFTOY BABY are just like the bigger HALFTOYS with some very cute differences! They are half the size, have a solid skeleton (no pieces) and come complete with a nameable baby cradle.

    There are 6 baby-size characters to collect in Half-BABY Dinosaurs World.