Kawada Australia is a leading distributor of unique toys and gifts in Australian and New Zealand.  

Our Purpose
Our purpose is to deliver small moments of 'wow' to our customers through amazing products.

Retail network
Kawada Australia works directly with over 1000 high-quality retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand operating in the toy, gift, museum, design, science, craft, education and department store segments. 

Company History
In July 2017 Kawada Japan announced the establishment of a new joint venture named Kawada Australia with Key Distribution, their longtime distribution partner in Australia & New Zealand.  

Kawada Japan
Founded in 1952, Kawada Japan is Japan’s largest independent toy wholesaler employing over 370 people.  Kawada is the creator and manufacturer of popular brands including nanoblock®, papernano® and terablock®, which are sold in over 35 countries.