Important Announcement

Kawada Japan and Key Distribution announce the formation of a new joint venture Kawada Australia.

Kawada Japan - Japan’s largest independent toy wholesaler and creator of the popular nanoblock® brand - today announced it will establish a new joint venture named Kawada Australia with Key Distribution, their longstanding distribution partner in Australia and New Zealand.  The operation and team of Key Distribution will merge into the new joint venture Kawada Australia.  

This joint venture establishes Kawada Australia as the first regional office of the Tokyo-based toy giant.  Tsuyoshi Kawano from Kawada Japan’s head office will relocate to Melbourne to be the CEO of Kawada Australia.  Kawano is a senior toy executive with over 20 years’ experience in the Japanese and United States markets.  Kawada Australia will focus on maximising opportunities for Kawada in-house brands including the already popular nanoblock®.

"We're excited to join the Kawada family today. We share a commitment to creative play and wowing our customers with amazing product.  With over 1 million customers reached to date we are focused on bringing moments of joy to the next million” said Key Distribution Director Edmund Griffith.

"We are excited about the opportunity and look forward to working directly within the Australian market to build on the successes of Kawada Australia" said Tsuyoshi Kawano.

About Kawada Japan
Founded in 1962, Kawada Japan is Japan’s largest independent toy wholesaler employing over 370 people with an annual revenue over $320m in 2016.  Kawada is the creator and manufacturer of popular brands including nanoblock®, papernano® and terablock®, which are sold in over 35 countries.

About Key Distribution
Key Distribution is a leading toy and gift distributor based in Melbourne. Founded in 2010, Key Distribution’s focus has been to “wow” customers through unique products.  Key Distribution has worked with successful brands including nanoblock®, Kinetic Sand® and PowerUp®.  Key Distribution’s ‘product first’ strategy saw the company enjoy a period of compounding annualised growth at a rate of 225% for 5 consecutive years.  In 2017 the company announced its sale to Kawada Japan and the formation of a joint venture Kawada Australia.

Download a copy of the press release here: Link


Retailer Questions & Answers:

Where will I buy nanoblock, kinetic sand, papernano and powerup?
From 1 July 2017, Kawada Australia will be the new company handling these brands in Australia and New Zealand.

Who do I contact at Kawada Australia?
Jackson will remain your account manager for any sales enquiries.
Monique will remain your customer service & logistics manager.

Have your contact details changed?
You can contact us on the same phone number
03 9417 0639

Or if you prefer to email.
(our old email addresses will still work for the time being)

Or to place an order our website is quick and easy!

Who is Kawada Japan?
Kawada Japan is the largest independent toy wholesaler in Japan.
They employ over 370 people and sell $320m of product each year.  
Kawada Japan is also the company that invented and manufactures nanoblock and other amazing brands.

Why start a joint venture?
Key Distribution has had a great relationship with Kawada Japan for many years.
By becoming part of the Kawada family we will be better resourced to fulfil our mission of finding and bringing amazing product to Australia.  

What else is changing?
From July you will notice some minor changes like email address changes, new bank details & invoice designs.

Kawada Australia is on the lookout for a talented Head of Sales.
If you know a strong applicant please send them our way!
Head of Sale Application