Discover the Amazing World of HALFTOYS!

Collectible and Educational

HALFTOYS are open-ended sensory toys that both adults and kids absolutely LOVE! 

It's a fun way to introduce bones to children while serving as a tactile desktop toy for those who are kids at heart.

 The Range - consists of HALFTOYS & HALFTOYS BABY

HALFTOYS: Half-Animal World | Half-Ocean World

Every HALFTOY character splits in half to reveal a cute multi-piece bone puzzle-style skeleton!  The body has enclosed magnetic points allowing the toy to click close.  HALFTOYS come complete with a character-specific play scene diorama in every pack. When multiple HALFTOYS are purchased their play, scenes fit together creating a larger play space.  There are 6 full-size characters to collect in each world.

HALFTOYS BABY: Baby Half-Dino World | Baby Half-Animal World 

HALFTOY BABY are just like the bigger HALFTOYS with some extremely cute differences! They are half the size, have a solid skeleton (no pieces) and come complete with a nameable baby cradle. HALFTOYS BABY, available in Baby Dinos & Baby Animals.

 HALFTOYS & HALFTOYS BABY are made from quality ABS plastics and no nasties! The simplistic look, designer feel, and sheer quality of these toys ensure that they will be loved and enjoyed.  Made from durable, quality ABS means that they are not throw away toys, they endure the test of time to be loved for generations to come!